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EV-7 is a frame of mind. It's the unwavering pursuit of excellence. EV stand for evolve. Evolution is something we experience every day - learning from our mistakes, pushing ourselves to be better. Seven is the number of completeness and perfection. EV-7's mission is to pursue excellence, and to always strive to achieve what others may view as impossible.

Our values are pretty simple too, we follow the Golden Rule, "Treat others as you want to be treated." We believe that simple philosophy is the foundation for building a great business and community. We at EV-7 love the game, the culture, the people, the lifestyle of disc golf. Our goal is to have fun making the best product we can and share it with you.

Disc golf has been a place for so many of us to get outside, get active, travel, and experience new places and faces. We want to help make that journey amazing for you.

EV-7 disc golf putters are produced in the USA with premium materials and designed by PDGA World Champion and Hall of Fame National Tour Champion, Phil Arthur. We strive to create the best line of disc golf putters on the market through advancements in design, consistency, durability, and texture and feel.
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