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My name is Jacob Stahl. I am a registered PDGA member #65541 and I have been playing disc golf since 2006. The first time I played disc golf I was hooked. Disc golf was always a fun hobby, but now I value the game and experience for so much more. 2012 I participated in my first league and 2014 marked my registration with the PDGA and first ever sanctioned and unsanctioned tournaments.

I am the owner and operator of Disc Baron. The idea and concept behind Disc Baron was formed in 2007 as a part of one of my final courses at Davenport University. Our task was to form a business of our choice and execute a business plan for said business, with that Disc Baron was born. At the time I had no aspirations to actually put that business plan into action, but late in 2013 I decided to revive the plan. Here we sit today and Disc Baron has come to life. We are in our initial growing phase and as we continue to expand, we will be offering increased inventory, more products, more brands and custom apparel. We appreciate all the support and feedback!

My goal with Disc Baron is to provide a shopping experience with specific and exact product details, an efficient system to find exactly what you want, superior customer service and a shipping and handling policy that is second to none. My plan is to utilize Disc Baron as a tool to support the disc golf community and l look forward to continuing to grow the sport of disc golf on a local, national and international level.
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