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Streamline Discs is a new company from the minds behind MVP Disc Sports. Disc golf is about advancing the disc, and with Streamline Discs we will advance the art of solo-mold discs.

Streamline is the Future of Classic
Why did we create Streamline? At the core we’re disc nerds, always have been, even before GYRO overmolds came about. And our design team has a seemingly endless output of ideas to enhance and build upon the sport.
For seven years we’ve been making far more complex discs than the competition, literally doing twice as much production per disc, all while keeping prices matched with the other guys. We’ve had to build the industry’s best order automation systems at MVP Distribution HQ to meet those prices.
Now with the streamlined efficiency we’ve built, we can produce a classic single piece disc (what we call a solo-mold) that’s molded better than the best out there, we can stamp it standard with 3-foil stock artwork, and we’re still able to beat the price of anyone out there.

Streamline Plastics
The familiar plastics from MVP and Axiom will continue under Streamline, though without the GYRO overmold. In 2017 we will launch Streamline Neutron, Proton, and Electron (Firm, Medium, & Soft), with Plasma slated to follow in 2018. Our first release features the Pilot Putt & Approach in Electron Medium & Soft, to be followed in 2017 by the Trace Distance Driver in Neutron and Proton.

Unique Solo-Mold Designs
Streamline model designs will be unique to Streamline and optimized for a solo-mold construction. The inherent physics of a solo-mold are different than a GYRO-enhanced disc, and Streamline models are designed and built to be the best of their kind. Throwers who prefer this kind of disc will love them, and to help familiarize the public with Streamline models, we will use the common 4-part flight numbers.

Fit & Finish
We’ve engineered the cleanest injection-molded disc you’ve ever seen, and the industry’s first 3-foil precision stamping. Smooth edges, no flashing, consistent dome across colors — these are the things disc golfers wish their solo-molds had, and Streamline delivers. These molds and processes are the product of years of research and development. Streamline is no startup disc maker — it’s backed by the most advanced molding and stamping facilities in disc golf.
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Streamline Eclipse Lift 175.1g  - Special Edition Stamp Streamline Eclipse Lift 175.1g - Special Edition Stamp
Our Price: $25.00
Sale Price: $20.00
Savings: $5.00
Streamline Eclipse Lift 174.9g  - Special Edition Stamp Streamline Eclipse Lift 174.9g - Special Edition Stamp
Our Price: $25.00
Sale Price: $20.00
Savings: $5.00