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Pro Chem Disc Golf Dye iDye Poly
Pro Chem Disc Golf Dye
Our Price: $4.00
iDye Poly
Our Price: $5.00
Disc golf is the craze that everyone's talking about. It's a flying disc sport in which players throw a disc at a target and it is played using rules similar to golf. Pro Chemical and Dye have a full line of beautiful dyes that work great for dyeing your own, one-of-a-kind disc.

PLEASE NOTE: Please keep in mind these colors may vary from the swatches that are shown here, due to the fact that these are dyed on fabric.
The shade can vary when disc dyeing depending on the technique you do. Please note some dyes are heavier and some dyes are lighter, making levels in the jars look more full or less full. Please note that all dyes are filled by weight not volume. Thank You!

Remember colors may vary depending on your technique and formula and the amount of heat used. Please sample before beginning a job.

Product Directions
Pro Chemical and Dye are proud to offer their directions online. Explore unlimited creative possibilities and technical challenges by downloading a .pdf version of the product shown above. They recommend that before using any of their products, you review Studio Safety Guidelines to advise safety precautions and proper use of safety equipment, clean work habits and responsible use of products.

Their directions offer English metric measuring options and temperature guidelines. You will have better control over the results if you choose the metric system, however; it is most important that you use the measuring system that is most comfortable for you.

Product Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
SDS are an important component of product stewardship and occupational safety and health. They are intended to provide workers and emergency personnel with procedures for handling or working with products in a safe manner. SDS contain information pertaining to the particular product such as physical data, toxicity, health effects, first aid, reactivity, storage, disposal, protective equipment, and spill handling procedures. Please find the SDS for the product shown above

Studio Safety Guidelines
In the event that you have an emergency situation after business hours 9-5 EST, Monday through Friday and on the weekends, here are the numbers to call:

Emergency Telephone Numbers:
800-255-3924 ChemTel. (United States)
+ 1 01 813-248-0585 (Outside the United States)
iDye Poly comes in a dissolvable packet, so there are never any messy powders to handle: simply drop the packet in a pot of hot water and store for use later! iDye Poly can be used to dye your discs. Make sure to test discs before dyeing as not all plastics take dye as well as others. Disc Baron currently offers 12 different colors in the 1/2 package.