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Discmania S Line MD2 178g
Discmania S Line MD2 178g
Our Price: $18.99
  • Brand: Discmania
  • Plastic: S Line
  • Disc Color: Purple
  • Scaled Weight: 178g
  • Marked Weight: 180g
  • Stamp Color: Ghost Holographic, Ghost Sparkle
  • Stamp Type: Production
  • Disc Profile: Domey

Straight flying, stable, quick and accurate these discs will hold whatever line you put them on. Tight and long fairway shots, medium range drives and really long approach shots are not a problem with this disc.

Somewhere in 2006, an idea of a unique disc line was born. Discmania teamed with Innova and Dave Dunipace, the father of the modern sport golf disc. Dave's knowledge mixed with their vision led to the genesis of Discmania Golf Discs. At first, Discmania made a disc that would go with every player out there. We started from this mid-range backbone, The MD1. Slowly, their repertoire started to shape up. They focus on creating each disc like it would be their most important one. They focus to make a product that combines more than one feature. They design their products to be timeless. Their discs are somehow exclusive. Discmania is not the biggest brand out there and they like it that way.